ZOOM 100/ 200/ 350 Fresnel LED

  • Perfect spectrum/ Super high CRI/ TLCI
  • Wide beam angle
  • DMX control
  • Low consumption



ZOOM-Series is the Fresnel LED fixture with strong output and full advantages of LED technology which created for the replacement of traditional HMI and Tungsten.

ZOOM-Series provide great spectrum with 95% CRI and 98% TLCI, and give us strong/ even/ smooth lighting source with single, shape shadow.

The beam angle of ZOOM-Series is extremely wide, which provide 11-82 degree on ZOOM 100.

The output of ZOOM-Series approximate to HMI 200W(ZOOM 100)/ 575W(ZOOM 200)/ 1.2K(ZOOM 350), saving huge cost of air condition and electricity.


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