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Pasolite 100M

Pasolite 100M are professional 100W LED for studio, the output equivalent to a 600W tungsten.

About the design of Pasolite 100M, its multi color LED lights can form a continuous spectrum with full-range frequency, and the low-cost and inaccurate analog circuit is replaced by the digital signal microprocessor and 25k frequency PWM controller, therefore the color ratio of different LEDs can be adjusted accurately according to different color temperature. This is the reason that why Pasolite 100M can provide precise variable color temperatures which are not just for reference only and its CRI (Color Rendering Index) can reach above 90% at any color temperature. And It’s point light source is converted to a plane light source, adding some softness to the hard light to produce the best light quality and excellent 3D effect, and provide a large-area uniform light source (30x30 cm).

For Visio Light Inc. high quality guarantee, Pasolite 100M built in with “Microprocessor”to self-regulated anytime, and vanquish all kinds of defect of traditional LED.
Model No. Pasolite 100M
Size 370 mm x 310mm x 110mm
Beam Angle  120°
Weight Manual yoke – 5.5 kg 
Mounting 16 mm / 28 mm spigot
Power Supply Range 90 - 250 V AC
Power Consumption 100 W
Color Temperature 2800K/ 3200K/ 4000K/ 4800K/ 5600K/ 6500K plus R. G. B adjustment
Color Rendering Index CRI 90
Dimming 0 - 100% 
Control 5-Pin DMX/ On-Board Control/ Bluetooth Control
Protection Class IP 20
Estimated LED Lifetime 50,000 hours
Certifications CE, 

CCT Lux in 1 meter
2800K 1593  lux
3200K 1941  lux
4000K 2528  lux
4800K 2972  lux
5600K 2416  lux
6500K 2340  lux
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